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Carlos Abarca

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Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports
Dec 9, 2009

There are all kinds of performance enhancing drugs in sports these day. leagues try to ban as much as they can, but there is to many. In some sports the leagues don't enforce the rules. More leagues should enforce the rules like the MLB (Major League Baseball). The MLB also does random drug test during the off-season, during the season, and during the post-season. If you get caught once your suspended for fifty games and a fine, get caught a second time and you get suspended for the whole season and fined. Get caught a third time and you get banned form the league. And on top of that if you are using an illegal drug, then you might have to serve some time in jail. In the NFL(National Football League), and NBA(National Basketball League) they don't have sever punishment, unlike the MlB. They just suspend you for a game or two, and fine you. More leagues should enforce the rules, because the athletes are cheating and could be harming there families and themselves. Some of these drugs can make you do thing you might not like to do.

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Country: United States
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Re: Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports
Jan 21, 2015

Contrary to popular belief, steroid use is not entirely wrong. With the proper medical supervision, equal access to supplies, and more in-depth and extensive scientific research on the effects of prohibited drugs, steroids could be allowed to be legal in professional sports without a lot of negativity involved. Not very many studies have been done on the effects of steroid use. This lack of information tends to lead people to jump to conclusions much quicker than they should. As stated by Norman Fost, a very well-known physician and medical ethicist who agrees with the legalization of steroid use under a doctor’s supervision, “You have 400,000 deaths a year due to tobacco and tens of thousands of alcohol-related deaths, a substance heavily promoted by Major League Baseball, yet the president and Congress and the press have virtually nothing to say about tobacco and alcohol in athletics, but lots to say about steroids”. Most effects of steroid use are no greater than common acne, hair loss, and lowered voices in women, all of which are cosmetic and, for the most part, reversible. Therefore, steroids are not technically unnatural to the body. If doctors can monitor an athlete’s intake and properly monitor their activity, steroids should not be a problem in sports. The whole "unfair" argument is invalid as well. The truth is, no matter how you look at it, something in sports is always going to be unfair, whether it's the size or skill or the opponents. But, in regard to steroid use, most of the unfairness comes from unequal access and availability. By removing the ban on steroids, every athlete would have equal access to all performance-enhancers out there. This removal would allow researchers and scientists to once and for all see what the actual side effects are for these drugs. But, by keeping the ban, there may never be a way to know if steroids do indeed have a long-term negative effect on athletes. Also, some people use steroids as a way to get bigger and better in addition to working out, and that is their choice. No one is forcing them to do it. They choose to do it themselves. So who has the right to deny someone the right to do as they please? I believe people need to let the athletes choose for themselves what they want to do and how they want to live their lives.

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Country: Argentina
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Re: Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports
Sep 3, 2016

A lot of high school athletes use creatine to gain muscle, especially football players. It isn't "illegal" but it still isn't good for your heart. Using enhancing drugs is cheating in a way and if your a good person you wouldn't do it. If you win while on a drug, not winning the drug is. I'm a fencer and a cross country runner and i personally don't think it's worth risking my career on taking an enhancement drug.
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Country: India
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Re: Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports
Jan 11, 2017

I am glad you shared this here

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