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whyte habeeb ibidapo

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Gender & Age: Male & 30
Country: Nigeria
war against child abuse
Sep 10, 2008

I want us all to be our brothers keepe.Lets us help in saving the precious life of a child for the benefit of our countries.Charity is no longer enough promis4es made must be kept.Our nairas , dollars, pounds,euros are valueless if not invested in today's children;tomorrow's future.

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Gender & Age: Male, 39
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Re: war against child abuse
Oct 6, 2009

You have my moral support, brother Habeeb. Child abuse is a shame on the humanity. We need to fight this evil collectively.

All paedophiles should be chemically castrated and imprisoned for life.

I read about a victim of such abuse, becoming violent and in his attempt to murder the destroyers of his innocence and childhood, was arrested on homicide charges and sentenced for life, in the Prison Diary Vol-1 by Jeffrey Archer (diary written by him when he was imprisoned for a scandal in Belmarsh prison in London in about 2000). I was moved to tears on reading his account.

You shall reap what you sow! Our society, if it is to be sustained as a peaceful, progressive and productive civilization, this evil needs to be eliminated, once and for all.

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