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Mollie McCarthy

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Re: Censorship in the arts
Jan 20, 2015

Musicians can influence people in so many ways, but they do not have the power to make decisions for people. It does not make sense for an authoritative figure to have the right to prevent people from listening to the fruit of another person’s talents. Some reasons that music is banned include the fact that drugs, alcohol, and sex are frequently mentioned in songs teens listen to, or attitudes toward guns, money, and violence will change when adults talk to their children about making different choices in the music they listen to. While lyrics do affect teens’ behavior, it does not mean that they should be restricted from real-life occurrences that inspire song-writers. People will choose to interpret music however they feel, and ultimately the way listeners depict a song depends on the mood and situation they are in. This does not mean lyrics that discriminate because of religious or racial hatred and promote violence should not be censored. Dr. Martin Cloonan, of the anti-censorship organization, says, “To be anti-censorship is not to say ‘anything goes.’” Being anticensorship is believing that everyone deserves the right to be heard. Music is the chance artists get to tell their story and share their opinion using the ability to play an instrument or sing a song, and the point of using their talent is for people to listen. What good is a song if it’s not heard?

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