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Cheryl Heinrichs

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Digital Divide Is My Reality
Nov 18, 2001

About two weeks ago I was browsing through a mag when I saw the aricle promoting TakingItGlobal. I think TakingItGlobal is amazing and I want to become more involved. The obstacle though is that I have no computer. I realized that if I want one I'll have to save for one. I understand how people feel who don't have access to computers, and others who do take it for granted it seems. I work at the YWCA and here we have an 'Internet Depot' thats purpose is to connect the community to the rest of the world and to strengthen the non-profit community but sadly it is rarely used. I'm not in the position here to make changes and my suggestions are taken but never heard. I feel special to be part of the TakingItGlobal team but feel disconnected because I rarely have access to a computer.
Sometimes my freinds and I feel as though we're getting left behind in this digital world. We know the basics about computers but it is evident that computers play an important role in our society. Even in my Geography 100 class a countries wealth was depited by how many families owned computers, cars, and T.V.'s. (I own none of those wealthy items and I feel.. well my feelings change - I guess those items are not priorities to me right now - my education is) Well till next time! I'm going to come up with a plan and I talk to you guys later.

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Michael Furdyk

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similar situation!
Nov 18, 2001

We at TIG recently moved into a similar computer lab facility at the Toronto YMCA HQ that was also rarely used. (20% or so to capacity!) We're brightening it up (Derek just painted -- Green + Yellow!) and we're going to make as much use of it as we can! If we can help you work something similar out with your YWCA, maybe you can turn it into something better!

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