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Terri Willard

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GK Youth
Nov 6, 2001

This thread has been created to share and discuss youth-oriented activities of the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP).

Youth Meeting on Sharing Indigenous Knowledge - Youth Take Initiative
Theme: Sharing Indigenous Knowledge
Date: Sep. 15, 2001
Organizer: GKP Secretariat, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian youth are keen to spearhead a regional movement to bridge the digital divide. About 40 interested youth expressed this at a meeting organized by the GKP Secretariat in Kuala Lumpur on September 15.

'We must save the knowledge before it is irrevocably lost,' emphasizes Project Leader, SL Wong at the Youth Meeting on Indigenous Knowledge in Kuala Lumpur.

"It's important to get youth organized because 20 years from now, most of the current GKP members won't be around," said Executive Committee member Shalala Sepiso, who spoke on GKP at the meeting. "Therefore, from the point of view of ICT and development, youth must be involved today. So we're working on a structure to create this youth network." Sepiso added that a GKP Youth Asia-Pacific movement could serve as a catalyst for a GKP Youth International movement.

The Malaysian youth have proposed a project titled 'The Indigenous Knowledge Network'. The project serves to leverage on a network of urban and indigenous youth to use ICT to value, document and share valuable but rapidly disappearing indigenous knowledge, said Project Manager Wong Siew Lyn. The project has commitment of support from GKP partners, including the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the National Information Technology Council (NITC) of Malaysia, who are sponsoring a computer-equipped and online-ready Mobile Internet Unit.

Contact : SL Wong slyn_w@yahoo.com

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Nick Moraitis

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UNESCO could support this too
Nov 6, 2001

Good project.

It came up a lot at the UNESCO conference I went to, and people wanted to develop a project around it. Mobilizing UNESCO National Commission to get youth to contribute about their own cultures might be a good way they can contribute.

By the way, the Report of the Youth from the UNESCO conference which includes some stuff about this is in English at:

And in French at:

TIG Feature alert:
Can we add a function to the events database so that we can link/upload reports from the events?


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Ian Swain

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Nov 9, 2001

Thanks for posting that Taikod. I love hearing about digital tech being used for things like this. . .

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Terri Willard

Joined: Jul 27, 2001
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Gender & Age: Female, 49
Country: Canada
Province/State: Manitoba
City: Winnipeg
GKP Youth Advocates Concept
Mar 12, 2002

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my update http://updates.takingitglobal.org/read-comments?UpdateID=2662 , I've been asked by the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) Secretariat to help develop a strategy for supporting the participation of youth organizations in international ICT projects/dialogues/etc.

I'd like to run an idea by you all that I am thinking of formalizing into a concept paper for the GKP.... Let me know what you think.

The best way I can imagine to bridge the gap between youth orgnaizations and GKP members working on ICT issues is through the establishment of the position of a Youth Advocate within the GKP secretariat. This individual would be responsible for serving as a go-between/match-maker between GKP members and youth organizations/networks. S/he would also serve as the bridge between online/offline communications as well as 1-to-1/1-to-many discussions. By associating this person with the GKP secretariat, it provides the institutional framework within which GKP members can understand who this person is and what they are attempting to do.

Duties of the Youth Advocate might include:
* Building awareness within GKP members of youth as proponents (not just recipients) of ICT-related activities/initiatives
* Assisting GKP members to locate possible youth representatives to conferences/events
* Assisting youth organizations to develop clear ICT-related concept papers and business plans to present to GKP members
* Commissioning/coordinating youth input for major international process in which GKP members have a stake (UN taskforce, G8 DOTforce, WSIS) [Note: this assumes that those processes do not have their own youth outreach funding/mechanisms]
* Serving on the coordination team for the "Youth, ICTs and Digital Opportunities" portal
* Helping to maintain a collective memory on youth and ICTs (events, documents, action plans, initiatives) through the portal.

My suggestion would be to staff this position as an international internship for developing country youth. To build the consistent relationships required, the internship term should be 1 year. Overlap between internship terms should be built in, in order to ensure proper orientation and the hand-off of relationships. The advocate should be located in the offices of the GKP secretariat

[Another option is to have 2 advocates, 1 in Switzerland and 1 in Malaysia to provide a diversity of internship experiences and to make communications with the Americas a bit easier. Time zone differences from Malaysia can make some communications difficult.]

This would require funding from interested GKP members to cover a stipend, travel costs to GKP events (to meet members in person), and telecommunications. In addition, it would be useful to consider allocating funds for TIG to cover their continued hosting of the portal and any necessary database modifications/development required.

What do you think???

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