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Joined: Oct 28, 2000
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Do you wanna know a secret?
Oct 18, 2001

This is the only piece of writen text in a techno format that I have ever composed in my life that is strickly unified by positive occurances...only good things listed here...thatz fu*ked!!!

(fu*ked = wow)

here, being the updates page...

here, being my inner soul online...hmmm, is that a good thing?! Looking for insight people...comment away!

Seriously...its an online digital diary of only happy times. Does that mean my life is happy? Or just block out the negative...

its like the invention of the photograph...
really, if you go looking into your photo album, I highly doubt therez pics of people frowning on purpose...just happy pics or moments when people smiling and the rare ones were eyes are closed or turned out red...

...another example of a happy unification of events in some sort of artsy format...

why is that?

what if someone were to write about sad things or go even deeper to express what they're truly feeling all to an unknown audience and all online...or even swear?

Is there anyone out there willing to take that risk? Does that make them noble? the most creative? the most clever?

The invention of the digital diary aka updates...
greatest tool for seeking ones true positive, raw source of expression (and that of your fellow friends who use this also) all captured online...or is it?? tan tan tan (scary halloween music)


(I'm going to pull a brent here..)
This message has been brought to you by lavittoria, rather victory's subconscience wink (I'm currently sleepwalking and will go back to bed)

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Joined: Jul 10, 2001
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Oct 20, 2001

lol - pull a brent... hehehe
Be careful how you phrase it though smile

I think it's admirable to be able to have a place online where people are able to express their positive feelings.

In the "Real World" people complain too much! Whenever you ask someone how they are, it's either a bland and automatic "Good", or they talk about the bad stuff which happens.

And what do we say?

Well, we say things like "I understand". We encourage them to be feeling bad, and in doing this, our energy is getting sucked out.

What I'm trying to get at is it tends to be more socially acceptable (and hence easier) to be down than up - to be negative than positive. It's probably because the worst that people feel is when they're lower than everyone else - when you're happier than them, you're above them - and often they will even try to cut you down to avoid this.

Not here. Not on these updates!

Here, on the TakingITGlobal Updates pages, good is celebrated!

So don't worry if what you're saying sounds "too happy". Let it out! Celebrate the good which goes on in your life!

And why should you, Vittoria!? Because you're a special person who deserves all the good in her life!

Take Care


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