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Mahsa Taheran

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ways to improve the internal communication among volunteers
Feb 22, 2010


I am one of the regional coordinator of Space Generation Advisory Council (www.spacegeneration.org). We are an international youth organization devoted to space technology and space policy. We are a volunteer organization, with volunteers from all over the world, and I am working on improving the internal communication between the executive office in Vienna and the Regional Coordinators, National Points of Contact, and members. To do that, I decided to learn from the experiences of other organizations similar in their mission and scope to Space Generation. We currently use bi-weekly telecons for executive council, along with annual congress, newspaper, forum, and mailing lists.

Now, I want to get more information on the ways we can improve the internal communication within the members and executive team.If you have experiences in your organizations I appreciate it if you let me lear from them. what is your internal communication strategy? This would be very helpful to us to improve the volunteer work results.

Thak you!

Mahsa Taheran

Regional Coordinator-Space Generation Advisory Council
M.Sc. Space Sciences and Technology-Arospace Research Institute, Tehran

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