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European Day of Languages
Nov 6, 2006

Good day, TIG members!
The TIG site is known for being international and uniting people of different nations, backgrounds, faiths, beliefs, and cultures, but, alas, not enough attention there is paid to the linguistic matters. That is why I suggest celebrating European Day of Languages that was proposed by the Council of Europe in 2001. Having posted this suggestion on TIG forum, I received several replies and want to thank Ms. Jennifer Corriero (jenergy) from Canada and Mr. Hayk Hakobyan (mnopq) from Switzerland for their responses.
In this entry I would like to sum up the ideas discussed there by me and Mr. Hakobyan. We suggest organizing some inter-language activities and competitions, namely:

- to make a short (not more than 5 min) movie about some thing that can be called a national symbol: the movie (or animated movie, or a series of pictures) can be in a national language with English subtitles
- to hold a poem competition (one poem in English and translations into native languages; or different poems in native languages that are connected somehow with mentality or culture of a certain country and translations into the English language maybe with illustrations)
- to translate some saying of someone very famous about an idealistic thing, or a proverb, or an idiom into many languages to see how it sounds and to compare them in different languages
- to make up a multi-language online word game
- to hold a contest in making anagrams
- to have certain concepts such as peace, or humanity, or passion, described in several foreign languages and give a prize for their best description
- to hold a contest in "concept" drawing (see the sample attached)
- to make a common project with a TIG group World Peace Song created by Ursula (ursulasss)

What ideas concerning this subject do you have? And how can European Day of Languages be practically celebrated on TIG? Thank you in advance!

For image of "concept" drawing see my blogs

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Re: The European Day of Languages
Nov 8, 2006

Dear Olga!

Indeed an impressive list and a good job for that!

I also encourage TIGers to join efforts in making this event happen and will contribute as much as I can!

This will not only be a unique opportunity to get a one-off approach in learning many nice (cool, fascinating, informative) things in many languages but also will serve to encourage and strengthen creativity and innovativeness of all who will participate!


P.S. No need for formalities; you can call me Hayk wink

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Re: The European Day of Languages
Nov 9, 2006

These are excellent ideas by Ms Olga (Roness) from Kemerovo.

I'll contribute in as many ways as I can.

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Re: European Day of Languages
Dec 2, 2006

Thanks all for the feedback, but this event seems to be a thing of rather far future, wheras there are other language days in the immediate one.

URL: http://www.unesco.org/bpi/eng/unescopress/00-14e.htm


Paris, February 21 {No.2000-14} - International Mother Language Day, proclaimed by UNESCO's General Conference in November 1999, was celebrated for the first time today with a ceremony at Organization Headquarters.

The event was opened by UNESCO Director-General Koпchiro Matsuura who stressed that "by deciding to celebrate mother tongues, UNESCO's Member States wished to recall that languages are not only an essential part of humanity's cultural heritage, but the irreducible expression of human creativity and of its great diversity."

Highlighting the fact that close to 6000 languages are estimated to be spoken in today's world, Mr Matsuura said: "They testify to humanity's astounding ability to create tools of communication, to its perception and reflection. They are the mirror of the souls of the societies in which they are born and they reflect the history of their contacts. In this sense, it could be said that all languages are cross-bred."

He added: "Favouring the promotion of linguistic diversity and the development of multilingual education from an early age helps preserve cultural diversity and the conditions for international understanding, tolerance and mutual respect."

Vigdis Finnbogadottir, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Languages and former President of Iceland, took part in the first celebration of International Mother Language Day. She highlighted the value of languages both as means of communication and as expressions of culture and identity. Ms Finnbogadottir qualified languages as "humanity's most precious and fragile treasures."

In a message read at the ceremony, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan expressed support for International Mother Language Day which, he said, raises awareness among all peoples regarding the value of languages. Reaffirming the capital importance of preserving language diversity, he called for increased efforts to conserve languages as a shared heritage of humanity.

For more information: http://webworld.unesco.org/imld/

Maybe the ideas mentioned above can be applied to it?

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