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Gender & Age: Female & 36
Country: Cayman Islands
Province/State: South Town
Reckless driving problem
Aug 15, 2006

This past week, 2 separate car accidents took the life of 4 teenagers. This has been the first fatal accident since about a month ago where a sedan driving at high speed hit a pickup. The passenger in the car was a former Miss Cayman and the driver her boyfriend. Unfortunately she died. Her boyfriend lost both his eyes and sustains other serious injuries. In the pick up, 2 were ejected and lost their lives, and 2 were in not so stable condition.
Since I moved here around 4 years ago, I have seen plenty after math of horrific accidents and heard in the news of numerous fatalities due to reckless driving.
Speeding has and continues to be a huge problem here. The former Miss Cayman we all knew and it hit us hard but very few seems to learn and change thier ways. The consequences of speeding and driving under the influences are dealt with very harshly. Yet, many still choose to drive fast. And when I say fast, I mean 180 mph fast. This is a small Island and there aren’t really any isolated area or straight roads for that matter for them to somewhat speed off safely in. We do have a race track but there are still many speeding on the roads at disturbing rates.
It is a huge problem here and it is not slowing down. I even here guys at my University saying that when they die, they want to die behind the wheel of a car.
Does anyone have any suggestion on how to tackle this serious issue? Any proposals are greatly appreciated.

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A. Tsang

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Gender & Age: Male, 47
Country: New Zealand
Province/State: Auckland
City: Auckland
Re: Reckless driving problem
Sep 9, 2006

U may visit LTSA's site and see how New Zealand government tackle the problem.


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Gender & Age: Female, 39
Country: Canada
Province/State: Northwest Territories
City: Yellowknife
Re: Reckless driving problem
Oct 10, 2006

When I was in school, we were bombarded with guest speakers, and awareness campaigns on the danger of drinking and driving (and just reckless driving in general). Students got involved in "SAD" (students against drinking and driving) to raise awareness aswell. I never thought much about the effects of that until recently.
My partner is about 4 years older than I am. We grew up in the same small city and went to the same high school. However, when he was in school they didn't have the anti-smoking and drinking and driving campaigns as they did for my years there. I have noticed that the majority of his friends drink and drive and don't seem to think much about it. Even him, a respectable guy in every other way, is very permissive when it comes to drinking and driving. I can't help but think that those campaigns (coupled with losing a number of school mates to drinking and driving) have made a difference.

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Country: United States
Province/State: Louisiana
City: Lafayette
Re: Reckless driving problem
Feb 22, 2015

It is not only speeding and reckless driving that is a problem, but also distracted driving. When I say distracted driving I not only mean texting while driving, but also driving with a cellphone. Crashes caused by distracted driving claimed 5,474 lives and led to 448,000 injuries. (This is according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association) 448,000! When many people look at driving statistics, they seem to just look at the death count; however, distracted driving becomes a much bigger problem when you tall in the injuries. Lawmakers have made some moves against distracted driving, like laws restricting using handheld cell[hones while driving, but it is not enough! Many people just ignore these laws in the U.S.. We need more people to realize the actual dangers of not just texting while driving, but using a cellphone at all while driving. Until we as a people realize this and actually move to stop this tragedy, more and more will die or be severely injured for the rest of their lives.

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Country: Canada
Province/State: Ontario
City: Thornhill
Re: Reckless driving problem
Nov 26, 2017

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