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Ravi Singh

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[Poll] Digital currency
Oct 23, 2012

Introducing digital currency should figure out on political agenda of every party in the world sooner or later, this being the only solution that can address crime, corruption, black money and terrorism, the four evils troubling the world. However thought migration is the first biggest challenge as people need to give the model enough thought and brainstorm this new model. This is more than plastic money as this model will bring transparency in to not only government revenues and spendings but also individual revenues and spendings including the source. All those who vote for it will be from minor community of this world and less likely this model will attract those who are benefiting out of paper currency and plastic currency. But thinking broadly, if we want to avoid the same boring news headlines everyday and want to see a prospective world with competing success, there is only one solution and that is introduction of digital currency. I invite all your views.

Ravi K Singh
Author: 3rd Planet - The transformation begins

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Re: [Poll] Digital currency
Sep 11, 2017

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