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What is a Hot Topic Live Chat?
Jan 16, 2012

A hot topic live chat is a virtual space for those who are involved in an active discussion thread, who would like to participate in an hour long, real-time dialogue on the same topic.

What are the steps involved in turning your favourite discussion thread into a live chat?

1) Use this space to suggest a discussion thread to chat about

2) TIG Admins and moderators will discuss your suggestions (if no suggestions are submitted, we will select one), and choose one per month

3) TIG will decide on a date and time for the chat

4) TIG will create an event, inviting members of the discussion thread, as well as the broader TIG community to join the chat - we will use the TIG event page to summarize the topic and main points brought up in the discussion thread

5) During the live chat, TIG will moderate (we will use the TIG Live Chat Tool)

Suggest a discussion thread for live chat today!


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