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Sally Law

Joined: Nov 13, 2007
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Gender & Age: Female & 33
Country: Hong Kong
Research volunteers needed: Motivating knowledge exchange in online communities
Jan 29, 2008

Dear members of TakingITGlobal,

I am an MPhil student of Hong Kong Baptist University and a member of TakingITGlobal. I have commenced a research about individuals' knowledge exchange behaviors in online communities and would like to invite every TakingITGlobal member to participate in this study.

Being an online community for people to share their knowledge about global issues, TakingITGlobal possesses significant source of value for us as well as different organizations. However, as knowledge exchange greatly depends on people's knowledge seeking and knowledge contributing behaviors, such value can only be realized when the community participants are motivated to do so.

Regarding the above issue, I have thus developed a research project to examine the role of technology in online communities. This research aims to understand how particular IT artifacts implemented in the online communities help to facilitate individuals' knowledge seeking and knowledge contributing behaviors.

Through the creation of a framework linking the design of online community to knowledge exchange behavior, this research is expected to provide implications for practitioners interested in knowledge management and how to leverage technology for competitive advantage. I think this survey can add value to the development of the TakingITGlobal website because the research findings can provide insights and pragmatic guidelines on how to build a successful online community.

Therefore, I truly hope that all of you can participate in this research and help to answer my online survey: http://s-buhgj-31182.sgizmo.com. Also, please help to circulate this link to your friends and invite them to participate in this research. Thanks a lot.

Sally Pui-Man Law
MPhil Candidate
Department of Finance and Decision Sciences
School of Business
Hong Kong Baptist University

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Gender & Age: Female, 29
Country: Egypt
Province/State: Al Iskandariyah
Re: Research volunteers needed: Motivating knowledge exchange in online communities
Nov 23, 2010

Hey Sally
Thanks for posting this great topic as i am one of Tig members i would like to be a part of your Research because i am involved with communications issues and i't role in creating a very large cultural spirit here on Tig i think you have a very good opportunity to share your ideas with the members as we have many people from different countries with the same aim which is to communicate effectively with each others .
you may also think what are the most important topics or issues that most of the members care for and i will sure take the survey *

Good Luck !!

This post was edited on: 2010-11-23 at 08:43 AM by: Daliya

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Virtual Volunteer

Country: Nigeria
Province/State: Akwa Ibom
City: Uyo
Re: Research volunteers needed: Motivating knowledge exchange in online communities
Apr 5, 2011

I think this' an important issue.
Lots of communication takes place on the web especially among young people. Current trend seem to however roll attention to social web mostly.

Though, this research might help realize how well young people are utilizing the power of social media.

Well done!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------
The world Changer in the making

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Natalie winster

Joined: Mar 21, 2015
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Country: Canada
Province/State: Quebec
City: Quebec
Re: Adventure of lifetime with Campaign for Alternative Care in Kenya
Mar 21, 2015

In partnership with the Kenyan government,Global Unity Welfare,Al De Rouge Foundation and with Alternative Care Initiatives,Ciatlux Communities Welfare Campaign is supporting and promoting Family Preservation, Resettlement and the Alternative Care Framework for Children without Parental Care in Kenya.

They invite you to offer your skills,time & care to volunteer in Kenya whilst enjoying the ambience of travel among low-cost communities with Mt Kilimambogo in the background.

Optional excursions available over the weekends.

You live in a guest house full of other volunteers,entertainment and nearby live action in saloons,markets,barazas,grounds,chiefs camp,quarry,workshops,video shows,sports,gyms & shopping.

Phase one of the Alternative Care Task Force Project was completed in May 2012 by CIATLUX COMMUNITIES WELFARE and other NGO partners. It designed, piloted and rolled out an Alternative Care placement Program for kids in per-urban poor communities..

Some observations to come from the pilot:

Children are recruited [into orphanages] in line with the needs of the community ...
There is very little will to resettle children when child sponsorship is not involved ...
Most children assessed have no families ...
International adoption reduces efforts to find Kenyan solutions ...

This means that as a charity with your sponsorship & support, mostly funded from abroad,will effectively run non-parental childcare system, and mostly use residential care facilities (orphanages) as the main service provision, despite that fact that most of the children in orphanages don`t have families.

There are some inspirational initiatives to reunite children with their families, prevent separation in the first place and to build a domestic foster and adoption system. It is these initiatives that the campaign is promoting and supporting.

Volunteer at an Orphanage?

Know more about ethical volunteering options.
Support an Orphan?

Know more about the best ways to support orphans and other vulnerable children.
Ciatlux Communities Welfare is registered with the Global Unity Welfare

ciatluxtravel@gmail.com +254 712-483-612

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